All the Retrievers of Heroes Gold are registered with the American Kennel Club 

Proper nutrition and Veterinary care is so vital in breeding healthy puppies. We would like to share with you our practices here at Heroes Gold. All completed tests are listed on individual dog's pages as soon as age appropriate results are obtained. 

Our adult Golden Retrievers are tested as follows:

Hips and Elbows 

Thyroid - MSU Tested

Eyes - CERF or OFA

PRA-1 an PRA-2  Tested

Ichthyosis  Tested

DNA Profiled 

Heart - Cleared by Cardiologist Dr. Dana A. Buoscio, DVM Diplomate, ACVIM (Cardiology)

You can rest assured, we have done the very best we can, to provide you with a healthy Golden Retriever.

We believe a good quality food, free of wheat, soy, and corn is the best choice for your Golden Retriever. Your puppy's health and beauty will be a direct result of what you are feeding. You will be provided with a list of quality food choices when you pick up your new puppy.

Golden Retrievers
Golden Retrievers